tiny table

Perhaps not the most functional of dining tables, but still really cool.
From alph.be (I'm not really sure who or what that is, but they had cool stuff on their website)


becoming official...

I am so excited...this morning I ordered my very own business cards....yippee!!!! Just wanted to show them off a little bit early, becuase I know it will be at least a week or two before I get them in. And I just had to share my excitement!!!


the coolest stairway ever

Love this stenciled staircase. For me, it just works....the patterns go together well, and keep it interesting, but the muted color scheme prevents it from being too busy. Love this idea!!!


blog love!

So, exciting news last night. Someone who bought one of my rightleftstudio calendars this year showed a little diy modification on her blog (which is super-fun btw...). She used a skull stamp so that it would fit in with her skull-themed bathroom. Admittedly, I had a little trouble picturing this, but upon seeing the photos, I think it looks really awesome! Plus, what a clever way to hang a calendar...
Thanks Kelly! View her original post here, and be sure to check out some of her other fun crafty ideas...


inspiration roundup...

Going through some saved photo files, and just thought I'd put up some eye candy...no unifying theme here except spaces that I liked. Interestingly enough, I kind of feel like they go together anyway! Happy Friday!

i heart hammocks!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a hammock inside your house? I don't really think I have room, but I love how playful this idea is.
ps...this totally looks like a house my brother would live in-Shea, this is for you, since you are constantly building your dream house in your head!


bath love

Cool bathroom from Sunset Magazine...apparently those are petrified wood tiles on the floor, which sound pretty cool. Great light!


whole lotta love!

Lotta Jansdotter is a favorite of mine. I've loved her prints and fabrics ever since I first saw them, with their beautiful simplicity. Yesterday I stumbled across a tour of her (small-725 sqft!!) home, and had to share. Her style is fresh and comfortable, creative and simple. Lots of great space saving ideas (check out the dining table-work and laptop goes underneath when it's time to eat!). Enjoy! Photos of home from Sunset Magazine, and of products from Lotta's website. Plus, lots of sales at her website....hmmm...

those clever swedes...

These chairs are pretty cool. BUT, the website that promotes them is even cooler, with its wonderful Scandinavian creativity...MassProductions. Enjoy! Plus I love the interesting product shots.
Thanks emma!


Good morning everyone! This marks the 100th post of rightleft studio's blog!! 
Today sure is gonna be a great day...


hazy shade of winter...

A little snowy eye candy...Delta Shelter by Architect Tom Kundig.
More beautiful photos here.


closet decorator

I think it's a super fun idea to wallpaper a closet...it's truly a way to give yourself a little pick me up when you go to find your clothes for the day. Plus, it's kind of like a fun little secret, because really, who else will ever see it? A great example of designing all the way down to the smallest details...



I know I haven't been posting on here as much lately, as life has become crazy. I'm up to my ears in freelance work, which is a good thing, right?!? Very little time for leisurely internet surfing...
Anyway, thanks for reading, and I'm hoping to get back to my daily posting soon!


table tableaux

Right now I really want a new dining table. I don't have a dining room, but I really don't need one anyway...I'm perfectly happy with my sunny little kitchen spot. BUT, my current table situation is just not cutting it. It's ugly, old (but not old in a good way, old as in I got it from Kmart in college), small, and did I mention ugly? Plus it only has one chair, which is ridiculous, and it's always covered in mail, bike helmets, whatever.

 In fact, I'm looking forward to sprucing up my whole dining setting, so I've rounded up some inspiring photos of tables and their environments... enjoy!

ps. As far as the tables themselves, that bottom one is gorgeous...

Top three photos from Domino (rip...)


why wouldn't i love this, it's army green

Great coat from Little Houses. Check out the etsy shop here for some really beautiful clothes...this jacket is my favorite though. Plus I love the photo...

product display love

Lately I've seen a bunch of really striking and interesting examples of product displays, so I've tried to round some up here. The photos of your product can really make or break you, and these are fantastic instances of creativity. The one above is my favorite, from Linda and Harriet.
Really cool textures, patterns, and moods happening here!

From Paper Flower Girl on Papernstitch

Etsy Seller Yasha Butler

From Elizabeth Williams Jewelry, also on Papernstitch

Etsy seller, one of my favorites, locallibrary


easy headboard idea!

Maybe I'm just really into chalkboard stuff lately, but I like this idea of using a framed chalkboard as a headboard...I think using a vintage-y looking one like this helps, as it gives a little extra interest and texture. I'm on a mission for something to serve as a headboard in my own bedroom, so I'm in search of ideas...
btw, when I just went back to the original post to link it, it appeared that people over on Apartment Therapy were extremely NOT into this idea...hmmm, I love it! What do you guys think??
From an Apartment Therapy post


unique picture hanging...

A couple easy and inexpensive diy ideas for hanging photos:

I like the idea of hanging photos from a wire, like on the left in this photo. ( Ignore the arrows, I can't remember what those are supposed to be pointing to...) This is a great diy idea- I'm thinking of doing this in 2 or 3 rows, and using binder clips to hold the photos. (ps, love that bench at the foot of the bed!)

This is a really simple idea as well- Those are pants/skirt hangers! I just saw packs of these at Target in the $1-2 area by the front door...I think I may have to get a few. I received a beautiful art poster for Christmas that is an odd size, and a custom frame just isn't in the budget these days, so I'm thinking of putting something weighted at the bottom and using one of these hangers at the top, at least for a temporary solution! I'll post pictures when I get around to that:) Things have been busy busy lately!!!

These photos are a mystery...sorry (maybe design*sponge??)
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