pattern roundup!

Some inspiring patterns to brighten up a chilly winter morning....
top-mystery pic :(
next one - ferm living
bottom- skinny laminx


new for 2010!

rightleft studio is proud to announce our brand-new, super-fun, desktop calendar downloads! Each month you can visit our website and download yourself a new desktop background featuring a custom design from rightleft studio. oh, and it's free... just a little way for us to spread some new year cheer. Just click the download icon and right-click to save the file....but you knew that!

Happy 2010 to all our friends and fans!


origami star tutorial featured on craft and creative!

Well, I figured out how to make my origami stars! (With a little help from mom:)
Check out my step by step tutorial over at my very creative friend Lisa's blog, Craft and Creative!!
Click here for the link, and happy crafting!


winter wonderland

Inspiring holiday party decor from design*sponge today! From the Christmas party for the Royal Danish Embassy in Copenhagen. Love the creative ideas, use of ALL recycled/reusable materials, and the Snow Queen theme. Check out the article for more pics and details!


any help out there??

Do any of my amazing, crafty, creative blog readers out there know how to make these? A link or any info would be a big help!! Hoping to make a garland for the holidays, and I love love these stars. Wish I could remember where I got the photo....

I'll post directions if/when I find them!


growing a logo...

I recently designed a logo for a client that went through quite a progression from beginning to end. I wanted to share a peek at the creative process behind a logo design...

Of the original concepts, these two were the client's favorites so we went from there...

They became combined into this version, with a simplified color palette:

This version seemed a little too flat, so I dove in a little deeper to add visual interest and complexity into the design, while keeping the same basic message:

Here is the final version. We went back to a wider range of colors within the same family, and incorporated a more complex design while still invoking the feeling of a community.


signs, packages, envelopes and numbers

A random little collection of inspiring signage and packaging design...good typography, creative use of materials...and I have no idea where any of the photos came from, and for that I apologize!


rightleft radio

Everyone knows design, creativity, art, and music go hand in hand...i pretty much constantly listen while I'm working. And anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Pandora Radio- I love it!! So I'm excited to announce the rightleft radio station on Pandora!! Listen in on what I'm hearing these days... leave feedback on the station with comments, suggestions, whatever! I love finding new music to add. Hope you enjoy!

Image from chasingECHOES on flickr


2010 rightleft studio calendar...sneak peek

Coming soon, the 2010 rightleft studio desk calendar....
The holidays will be here before you know it, why not get a jump on your gift stash? Great for your coworkers, your creative bff, or as a gift for yourself. Available end of September.


album art

Clockwise from top left:
Keane-Under the Iron Sea, Bloc Party-Silent Alarm, Death Cab for Cutie-Narrow Stairs, Manchester Orchestra-Everything to Nothing
Clockwise from top left:
Headlights-Kill Them With Kindness, Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Show your Bones, Modest Mouse-We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, LCD Soundsystem-Sounds of Silver

All day while I work I sit and listen to Pandora radio, and sometimes I find myself listening to a song just because I like the album cover... These are a few that I find unique and inspiring. There's such a wide range of styles, from illustrations, to photographs, to cool typography. It's definitely a medium that pushes the design envelope and tends to stay cutting edge. Enjoy my little roundup!!
Click for larger images-some of the details in these are worth getting a closer look!!


some current inspiration

I've recently signed up for emails from Anthropologie (which is a store I love, btw...), and I am in love with their current campaign. The texture and details in the designs are so awesome, and the "torn edges" still looks fresh and unique to me. The more I look at it, the more I find in there.... good stuff!!


Save the Date Designs

A new Save the Date design for clients having a destination wedding in St. Lucia. Lucky couple!!
Click to view larger...


4th of july plans

I'm so excited- next weekend I'm heading up to the Outer Banks to stay in my family's o-l-d beach cottage. Isn't it awesome?? It doesn't have air conditioning, but the way it's situated it's perfectly comfortable (almost) all summer long. Can't wait for a nice tropical drink on the screen porch in the evenings... and waking up and stumbling right out onto the beach. Plus, they usually shoot the fireworks off of Nags Head pier which is only about 1/4 mile away-perfect!
Brings back a lot of fun memories-when I was a kid we spent every summer Sunday here with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins going to the beach and having lunch on the porch.
Anyone else have any fun plans for the 4th of July?


'tis the season..

...to play outside! Gorgeous backyard feature from Sunset Magazine, using nearly all recycled or second-hand materials. Makes me want to freshen up my deck a bit! Plus, I'm not at all a fan of wicker-type furniture, but I LOVE that couch. Check out the full article here.

awesome invite creativity

This invitation is so fun, and I love the typography. Plus, they tell a really cute story! Hooray for unique ideas!!
(If you click on the image, it gets bigger)
Designed by the groom, Matt Dorfman, and found on design*sponge.


clipboard inspirations!

I really love the idea of using clipboards to organize things out in the open. Not a new idea, really, but a fun one. (So very Martha Stewart...) People seem to find a variety of uses, from displaying kids artwork to magazine clippings. Here's a little roundup of some creative ideas!


really really clever...

This is a really cool little animated video... can't imagine the time that went into it! Enjoy...

i heart typography...

This is  a beautifully designed egg carton. I love when everyday items are elevated by design!!!


good idea...

It's National Ride Your Bike to Work Week...I wish more was done to promote this, it's such a great idea. Of course, not everyone can feasibly do it, but if you can, I encourage you to try! Great exercise, saves money, and helps the earth. You can't go wrong!

lovely lights...

Might have to try this little decorating idea for my next party...I've been thinking about making some "lanterns" from empty jars anyway, and, surprise!! Martha knows how! 


simple and quiet...

What a sweet chair...

diy time!

A couple diy projects that are inexpensive ways to freshen up your decor! Here is the whole article, from Sunset Magazine. Diy time!!

Above, use cd jewel cases to hang photos, prints, patterened paper or other art. The unifying size creates a cohesive look. 

Inexpensive art idea- use the designs from a calendar to cover a large space. Go even cheaper by hanging from picture wire with binder clips or paper clips...get creative!

Old boxes make interesting displays outside (or inside...) Try succulents if you're thumb is more black than green!!


kind of random...

but I really love this girl's outfit. Via @ChelseaFuss via Camp Comfort


ice cream sandwich love...? ummm yes.

Talk about some clever marketing. I love this idea from Cool Haus- a mobile ice cream stand that serves just ice cream sandwiches named after mid-century design icons-founded by two former architects. Yes, I am a nerd, but fortunately so are a lot of other people! Here is a link to the Dwell Magazine article...
"...Natasha Case and co-founder Freya Estreller have an ice cream truck that travels around and alerts potential customers to its whereabouts via Twitter. They offer five prefab flavors: Frank Behry, Mintimalism, Mies Vanilla Rohe, Richard Meyer Lemon Ginger, and Oatmeal Cinnamoneo. Their website has the "plans" for each, so you can see what your cookie and filling will consist of."

Plus, that seems like a really creative use of Twitter, something I'm still getting the hang of! Love it!



...is something I'm not great at. But I love thinking about getting myself organized, so naturally I love this galvanized key cabinet. It just looks like a great place to put all those little aggravating things like keys, and mail, and the junk you carry in each day. All that stuff that piles up by my kitchen sink....(oh the joys of not having an entryway!!). Anyway, I love the look of this, especially the little hooks on the inside. From Pottery Barn.


swedish cabin love

I am in love with this beautiful Swedish cabin. Check out that view from the deck. And it has a port hole.... and you know my feelings already on the indoor hammock. I think I may be destined to live in Sweden one day- who cares about the long dark winter when the summer looks like this?!? 
Thanks oh joy! Photos by Martin Lof and there's a lot more here on his website. Enjoy the 
eye candy!

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