We're Moving!!

Just want to let everyone know that this little blog is moving up in the world:) Check out our brand new look right over here!  And thanks Lisa, for helping with the setup! 
Be sure to update your links, since this blog will no longer be updated.

See you on the flip side....


typographic goodness

Love these typographic juice glasses from Crate and Barrel.


diy winter decor

Love these ideas as simple winter decor. With the weather we've been having (although I love the cold-I know, I'm the only one!) these seem to fit right in. The old fashioned jars (top) definitely add to the charm, so you may need to troll your favorite thrift/antique store! You could fill with just about anything-I'm loving acorns and natural bits lately...

2nd: Oh Joy
Bottom: ??


wedding typography

Beautiful wedding paper goods...
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