chalkboard wall!

Kitchen before

Ok! Here is the before and after of my new kitchen...a week later. Enjoy, and happy Saturday!


a happy photo

Well, after the sad news about Domino, I tried to find a happy photo to post. On this rainy January morning, I'm imagining I'm about to have a lovely brunch at this little spot. Hope this one lifts everyone's spirits just a little! 
Ironically, photo from dominomag.com

a sad day...

Well, I'm sure you've already heard the sad news, but Domino is closing. This was the only magazine I still subscribed to, and I really loved receiving it each month. *sigh*   
What's a gal to do? Anyone got any good recommendations on other good ones? I LOVED curling up each month with my new issue and a good cup of coffee. Booooo


cape fear riverwood

I actually saw this on a tv commercial last night, and was intrigued enough to check out the website this morning. And I'm impressed, and thrilled! Cape Fear Riverwood harvests logs and timber out of the Cape Fear River and uses it to create beautiful flooring, countertops, mantels and more. This is a beautiful way to promote sustainable building, by using trees already cut down and preserving forests. Above and below are some lovely photos from their website. Check them out here.  I would definitely LOVE floors like this...good work Cape Fear Riverwood!


ikea trip!

So, living where I do, it's at least a 5 hour drive to the nearest Ikea. But there is a new store opening in Charlotte (which is still a pretty good haul, but oh well), and next month I'm making the trip! I'm starting to make a list of things I need to look for, so I don't miss anything. I am planning on getting rid of my hideous, dirty carpet and putting down floors, and they have some really awesome ones . My pick is below (Tundra), as is my choice for NEW COUNTERS (Pragel, in stone effect black)!!!! The new year is bringing with it a new zeal for home projects- it's been a long time! My little house is definitely in need of some shiny newness.

By the way, I did paint my kitchen this weekend, but it's been so cloudy I can't get a good photo- I promise I'll post before and afters soon!

happy sunny breakfast

I want to sit at this table and have orange juice and croissants this morning! Isn't it just sunny and pleasant? A different color scheme than what I'm usually drawn to, but I really like the warmth. And I think the tablecloth is really cute.
Old photo from my file- unfortunately don't know the source...sorry.

serenity now

I found some photos in my files that I've never posted about, so this morning I'm breaking them out for a little inspiration. Love the simplicity, texture and light in this room. If it was me, I'd have some art on the walls, but other than that I find it calm, soothing and lovely.


please allow me to introduce...

My lovely and talented mother! She is selling prints of her beautiful watercolors over on etsy. You can check out her shop, Just Down the Lane, right here. I know she will be adding more, but there are a few prints there already- congratulations mom!


new house project!!!

Can you tell I'm excited?? It's been a while since I've done anything new around my house, and I can't wait. This week I am painting a chalkboard wall in my kitchen- I really love the look of a black wall, and I'm not sure I will use the chalkboard-ness so much, but I just really like the texture of chalkboard. But if the mood to create does strike, the canvas is all ready! I will be posting before and afters, but for now, a few inspiring photos to get us ready!

All photos from Apartment Therapy, except last one found on flickr



It's a good day here to curl up by a fire, and I love these Malm fireplaces. We had an orange one when I was a kid-very 70's.  Who knew they'd look fresh and modern today? 
Photo from Domino


bathroom style

Cool, clean bathroom from Ikea online. The two colors of tile is a fun idea.


this is it folks...

Seriously, another Scandinavian post. But this is the most amazing home ever. I LOVE it, and am ready to move. Location: Sweden, land of all things cool apparently. The outside shot of the birch trees is what winter should look like, and I am in love. Via doorsixteen via remodelista.

why is scandinavia so cool?

Lately it seems like everything that I like is from somewhere in Scandinavia (not sure that's a proper term, but it works for me:)...for example these gorgeous photos from the tine k catalog, a Denmark-based lifestyle shop. (The photos have been scanned, so I apologize that the quality isn't better). I really dig the black hutch above with the collection of black dishes-it's a really beautiful little tableau. 
And the photo below may be Christmas decorations, but I love the twist of the black with the natural touch of the chestnuts(?). Just really different!

chairs i covet

Above is the Bertoia chair. I would love to have two of these, one at each end of my nonexistent dining room table Isn't this a beautiful photo? Found on flickr... LOVE the colors and the weathered door.

And this is the Wegner Sawbuck Chair, available from Room and Board. A 1951 design that I think is still really current feeling today-I just really like this chair! It's Scandinavian feeling to me, and I'd like to drape a nubby, soft blanket over the back. I don't know where I would put this one, but since it's about $3000, I guess it doesn't really matter!


baby it's cold outside...

...but this girl is not dressed for it. I like her outfit anyway, and the styling of the photo. That's kinda like a hipster version of a fanny pack or something. Not sure I would actually rock it, but I like it anyway.
Cool layout from the new free people catalog

update...tonight's dinner

Broccoli- quite tasty, definitely worth a go

Soup- ridiculously spicy. I love curry, and perhaps went a little overboard...?  I don't recommend as is, but I plan on trying a few modifications. Stay tuned...

Sorry I don't have any beautiful/artistic photos of my dinner. I tried to take one with my iphone, but it didn't look very good. But I was too hungry to pull out the good camera...

tonight's dinner

Tonight I am making myself curried carrot apple soup and this new roasted broccoli recipe I just found for dinner. I'll let you know how they turn out...very excited for something new. Plus, it's a very good day for soup...brrrr!

loveliness light & dark...

What is there not to love? Texture galore, and muted, but warm and rich colors. Via style files (amazing stuff over there, fyi...) Just some Friday lunchtime eye candy!


like i need another time waster...

Ok, I have found stumbleupon. If you haven't spent time with this yet, I suggest you stay away unless you have copious hours to kill online... I am finding ALL kinds of awesome new websites to explore! Today I love TasteSpotting, which features hundreds and thousands of beautiful food photos, and links to the recipes from other blogs. I have found a bunch of stuff I want to cook, and I love having a photo to go by (I've always hated recipes in books with no photos...). Anyway, here are a couple of my favorites. Enjoy!

Thai Red Curry Soup with portobellas, red bell pepper, potatoes, green beans, and seitan in a red curry coconut milk broth with fresh basil.


black and white and gray all over

I'm loving the moody black, white and gray thing right now. Some new products for the etsy shop are in the works (oh yes, I haven't forgotten about etsy!!), and this is a little inspiration for what I'm working on...stay tuned! I like the warmth and depth of some of these rooms, rather than the starkness that usually comes from simple black and white. I'd love you to share any good links or photos to other black and white products, interiors, whatever! 


back to winter...

Well, the temperatures are supposed to drop this week (don't complain, it is January after all!!), so here is a little shot to remind you that spring will be here before we know it. What a cool patio idea- and look at all the awesome greenery! Photo from Sunset Magazine.

happy monday!

A little photo from Portland's N Williams Ave. to start off the week...read more about this hipster neighborhood right here from Sunset Magazine!



Got the new cb2 catalog yesterday, and I'm so excited because they finally have some new stuff to look at!! Good work cb2! Here are a few of my favorites from their new '09 line:


a little bike love...

Saw this in a house tour on design*sponge, and tracked it down to etsy...cute little card and message! It's been so warm, I've been itching to ride my bike too, but these darn short days make it a little hard once I get home from work...


after christmas wish list

I love this blanket that I saw a while back- it's a vintage Swiss Army blanket. As I was searching around for a good photo to use here, I discovered that the Ace Hotel in Seattle (the Ace Hotel is the coolest place, ever) uses these in their rooms. Go figure!! Love it!


happy new year!

Everyone always talks about "spring cleaning", but yesterday as I was taking down my Christmas decorations, I thought - what better time for a fresh clean house than on the first day of the new year? And I mean, organizing, weeding out, and paring down. While I only got 2 rooms done so far, it feels great to know that my cabinets are uncluttered, and my kitchen table is usable once  more!
A few tips from Sunset Magazine on uncluttering a space:

1. Build in flexibility: Cubbies and storage that's easily modified when your needs change.
2. Put furniture to work: Double duty pieces are great, especially in small spaces!
3. Maximize wall space
4. Access what you often need
5. Hide what you rarely use

Good luck with your own simplifying efforts, and just know that the rewards of a calming, clean space are totally worth it!
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