kind of random...

but I really love this girl's outfit. Via @ChelseaFuss via Camp Comfort


ice cream sandwich love...? ummm yes.

Talk about some clever marketing. I love this idea from Cool Haus- a mobile ice cream stand that serves just ice cream sandwiches named after mid-century design icons-founded by two former architects. Yes, I am a nerd, but fortunately so are a lot of other people! Here is a link to the Dwell Magazine article...
"...Natasha Case and co-founder Freya Estreller have an ice cream truck that travels around and alerts potential customers to its whereabouts via Twitter. They offer five prefab flavors: Frank Behry, Mintimalism, Mies Vanilla Rohe, Richard Meyer Lemon Ginger, and Oatmeal Cinnamoneo. Their website has the "plans" for each, so you can see what your cookie and filling will consist of."

Plus, that seems like a really creative use of Twitter, something I'm still getting the hang of! Love it!



...is something I'm not great at. But I love thinking about getting myself organized, so naturally I love this galvanized key cabinet. It just looks like a great place to put all those little aggravating things like keys, and mail, and the junk you carry in each day. All that stuff that piles up by my kitchen sink....(oh the joys of not having an entryway!!). Anyway, I love the look of this, especially the little hooks on the inside. From Pottery Barn.


swedish cabin love

I am in love with this beautiful Swedish cabin. Check out that view from the deck. And it has a port hole.... and you know my feelings already on the indoor hammock. I think I may be destined to live in Sweden one day- who cares about the long dark winter when the summer looks like this?!? 
Thanks oh joy! Photos by Martin Lof and there's a lot more here on his website. Enjoy the 
eye candy!


office inspiration...

Since I'll have my very own home office soon, I thought I would try to find some inspiring photos! (Because mine has such a chance of looking like any of these...) But anyway, fun to dream! 
ps. you should see the "office" now- or more appropriately, junk room. You can barely get in the door...that should be a "fun" project...
all photos from living etc.

Ok... I only got through 18 out of 58 pages on LivingEtc. so more to come later- time to actually go to the office...

tweet tweet

I'm on twitter! Still figuring it out, but you can follow me here, if you're a fellow twitterer:)


etsy finds

Grey Star Fob, by FeelDesign $10

This morning thought I would share a few inexpensive etsy finds! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend...

Number 6 Planter by My Sweet Savannah- $5.50

Ceramic Eucalyptus Coasters, by Lauren MC-$12

Mini Deer Eco Notes by Tara Hogan-$12


photo shoot!!

Thought I would post some of the photos my friend Kyle recently took of my work. These will (hopefully) be up on my website soon, but for now, here is a little peek at his photog talents!! Thanks Kyle!!

spice love...

Is it weird to love a spice rack? Because the one in this photo makes me smile...



Here is some eye candy for the morning...from the show:room website, from their Hammocks and High Tea line. show:room is a wholesale to retail representative for independent designers, and I was taken by the lovely patterns on their website. Happy Monday!
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