happy halloween...

Have a fun and festive Halloween!
Image from Martha Stewart



Here is a really fun company out of the UK...missprint. All the products are hand printed, and I absolutely love the colors and patterns. Lots more on their website! Lampshades, pillows, wallpaper...awesome stuff.
Enjoy and happy Thursday!

new item in the etsy shop!

We've added a new item over at our etsy shop...the market tote in green. Roomy, holds everything from your groceries to your gym clothes to your library books. Handpainted "trees" graphic on front, fun red accent trim inside.
Check it out!


another chilly morning...

Fall (winter?!?) is absolutely in the air this morning! I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee, and wish I had a nice fireplace to be curled in front of too. Especially if it looked as good as this one. A girl can dream...
via apartment therapyAmy Lau Apartment featured on 1stdibs


I found this gift wrap sheet a while ago and bookmarked it. Since it's our first cold day here (love it!!), it reminded me of snowy winter trees, even though I think it's supposed to be pussy willows. I thought it would be good for lots of things, even framing a section of it, or using it to line the back of a book shelf, or as pretty Christmas wrapping paper.
Unfortunately it's out of stock, but there are some other pretty papers from Kate's Paperie. I love paper!



This morning I wanted to share Eleek; straight outta Portland. They are a "unique, sustainable design and manufacturing business specializing in beautiful, durable building parts crafted by hand..."
In today's world, handmade and sustainable is hard to come by. Props to them for making a difference, and making it beautiful! Sinks, tile, lighting, hardware and more. Check out more of their stuff here.


etsy wishlist

Found this killer necklace on etsy today. I like the juxtaposition of materials, and the hearts made from dark oxidized metal. 

bathroom envy part deux

Yup. This bathroom is cool. And I think it's bigger than my living room. I love the color combo- kinda unexpected in a bathroom. Plus, the sinks are cool, and I can't quite figure out how the plumbing works...but I like how it looks as though they were on a table. Too bad there's no way I could pull off open shelves. 
I might be feeling a bathroom redo...stay tuned for more bathroom inspiration!

ps, I think this came from apartment therapy somewhere...I'm a bad blogger and didn't save the link:(


black and white...again

I have always wanted a vintage subway roll sign. Well, at least for a couple years, ever since I saw them on the wonderful world of the internet. But that shouldn't be any surprise, based on the fact that I'm a huge font and typography dork! (Yes, I have seen the movie helvetica!)
This is an Australian version, created by Print Dolls, but you can find original NY ones on ebay Alas, they are usually way out of my (meager) budget. Also love this photo...maybe I'm on a little black and white kick these days!
via ray20 blog


they're here...

Finally! The 2009 desk calendars are finished! Hop on over to the etsy shop to pick up one or two:) Just about 2 shopping months left til Christmas...you'll be the envy of your cubicle mates with this one!

bathroom envy

I love this bathroom. So bright and soothing, and I totally dig all the different textures and materials! I'd call it "nautical spa"...the rope(?) towel bars would be an easy enough diy project. hmmm....


Well, I found this image in my "ideas" folder, and I think it's really fun. Depending on how ambitious you feel, I think an equally striking idea is to just paint the words on flat, not necessarily cut them out of wood. You just can't go wrong with black and white! Lots of variations come to mind...
This is from a bi-weekly column for Time Out New York magazine by designers Wary Myers where they take in detritus from the sidewalks of New York City and either revive or reinterpret it, or hopefully both. Here is a link to the columns.

diy idea?

This is kind of a fun little idea, that would be pretty easy and inexpensive to recreate. I can see it using both natural twigs, or painting them silver, or white. Lovely for the fall, or could even work for a Christmas decoration! Table centerpiece?


environment furniture

It's rare to find a company that makes beautiful products and is environmentally conscious.  Environment Furniture does just that. They "strive to make beautiful furniture that balances innovation and sustainability and to work in ways that value humanity and the environment now and in the future." You have to admire people that take that extra step and consider their impact on the planet. Plus, this stuff is awesome. Check out their website for lots and lots of cool stuff. 
Photos courtesy of their website.


brand new: the woodley bag

Just in time for fall, the newest item for sale in our etsy shop,  the woodley bag. Natural linen-style fabric lined in red, perfect for those weekend trips to the farmers market- holds lots of stuff, but still fits in your bike basket. Interior clip for your keys keeps them where you can find them. A perfect complement to your jeans and flannel. Will be available early next week, as soon as I figure out how this etsy thing really works:)


do something creative every day...

That's the motto of Paper Source, a really awesome resource for arts and craft supplies, paper, envelopes, holiday decorations, fun gifts and lots more. They have some really unique things, and are a fun source of inspiration. Check it out, and get your creativity on...

white, white, and more white

Normally I'm a big advocate of color color color. But when I see a photo like this, I start rethinking. However, I'm not clean or neat enough to pull off this look. Maybe someday...
So soothing...white and wood. Love it!

a rainy day

A day like this makes me want to drink coffee. All day long. And everyone knows that the best coffee comes from the Pacific Northwest. I've already shared my obsession with Stumptown, so now, I'm going to post about another perfect coffee company: Blue Bottle Coffee in San Fransisco.
The cafe itself is awesome. One day I aspire to have a kitchen that looks like this- I absolutely love the open shelves, and the colors.
The coffee is amazing. I think I got 3 lattes in 2 days while we were visiting. 
And, as a bonus, I had the absolutely most delicious waffle I have ever tasted. They serve a few simple breakfast items, and seriously, it was incredible. If I lived near this place, I would probably be fat and hopped up on espresso constantly. Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing...
The also serve siphon pot coffee (see the last photo). I didn't get a chance to try this, but it looks pretty cool. Very "science". 


Sneak Peek: RightLeft Studio's 2009 Calendar!

Coming soon...the 2009 desk calendar by RightLeft Studio. It will be available through my etsy shop. Here's a little preview! Great for office Christmas gifts...


Obsession: Stumptown Coffee

 Stumptown Coffee is amazing. Award-winning. Delicious.
If you are ever in Portland, OR, do yourself a favor and stop in one of their 4 locations. Actually, they have recently opened 2 more in Seattle. So if you're in the pac nw, track down one of their cafes, and indulge yourself. Trust me, you'll forget all about Starbucks. Complete with french-pressed coffee, latte art, and awesome cafe interiors, it is everything a coffee shop should be. 
You can also order beans from their website, and if you're an espresso fan, the Hairbender Blend is pretty much perfect. 
Check it out for yourself!

Sunset Magazine Idea House

These photos come from Sunset Magazine's Idea House in Monterey, CA. Love this porch...I'm just feeling a stack of magazines and a latte. Heaven...

Great kitchen- nice and open, bright, and I love the cabinets.

Awesome textures in the bathroom-and you can't beat the view. 


ace hotel, portland

Love this photo by Tim, from our trip to Portland this spring. This is the lobby of the Ace Hotel, which was the coolest hotel of all time. I'll devote an entire post to it soon...but for now, just a cool photo.


HunterGatherer is a studio/workshop that produces really killer graphics and prints. They design with a limited number of companies. You can purchase prints straight from their website. I've included some of my favorites here! They also have some t shirts and other pieces for sale, and-surprise- it's pretty affordable! I love the idea of making simple, everyday items into artistic statements. Cool stuff!

tree stump



Etsy Roundup: Nature-Inspired Jewelry

I love etsy for unique, beautifully crafted items of all sorts. I mean, I can spend hours on there, and I always find all kinds of stuff to covet. As I was rounding up some of my favorite jewelry pieces, I realized many of the designs I liked were nature-themed. So here is a peek at some of my picks for nature-inspired jewelry of all sorts. Enjoy! 

Ash Hilton- probably my favorite seller that I've found so far...love the simplistic designs, plus, he etches them with a tiny chisel!! Here, earrings and a cuff.

es designs- great texture, love the birch bark ring for sure, and the other is called "Ripples"

Rob & Lean- use lots of wood- love this ring for a unique wedding band...

Beautiful, dramatic rings by Amaya-Cicala, from Argentina. Very raw, natural feel.

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