invitation inspirations

Love these invitations from Precious Bugarin Designs. Some really unique designs! She has a great, simple website too. (And based out of Portland...btw). Enjoy!

so true...

How many times have you thought that...honestly? Print from Craig Damrauer, via Bodieandfou.


outdoor inspiration

After doing some work (finally!) in my yard yesterday, I'm all inspired to get our outdoor living space spruced up for the spring and summer. I've been saving these photos for a day like today- this little courtyard garden is in a space that's only 12x16, but it is cozy, calming and lovely. And it's located in Minneapolis of all places! I love that it doesn't seem as if they spent a ton of money...the planter boxes seem easy enough to make. I'm thinking about trying something similar. Enjoy! 


type nerd alert

I really love this, and that scares me a little. Science and typefaces...happy Friday!

i love this!

I think this is such fun idea...and a cheap diy too. Lots of possibilities here- different table styles and paint colors could have drastically different effects. Great idea if  you have an ugly old table!!
created by kc and sara


pattern inspirations

Fern Living Wallpaper at 2Modern

Suzanne Wallpaper by Graham and Browne at 2Modern

Kate's Paperie Green Vines Paper

mums at Kate's Paperie


grow baby grow

I started my vegetable garden last night...I bought a bunch of seeds yesterday and am getting them started indoors. This is really the first time I've done this, but I am so so excited!! I will (hopefully) be growing:
yellow squash
butternut squash
green beans
bibb and romaine lettuce
rainbow chard
some kind of sweet onions that are supposed to grow to 2 lbs! 

I'm also doing some herbs, and once the weather warms up a little I plan on buying some tomato plant and bell pepper plant seedlings..I will post updates, keep your fingers crossed!!


come on spring...

Once the weather warms up like this, I get all eager to play outside and plant things. Just thought I'd share a little garden inspiration with you this morning...
From Domino


great great information

Just finished reading this book: My So-Called Freelance Life-How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Professional for Hire by Michelle Goodman. It was slam full of great information on freelancing and working for yourself in any capacity...in this economy, more and more people are turning to their own skills to help generate extra income on the side. This covers everything from taxes and billing to drumming up business, marketing yourself and staying sane when working from home. I highly recommend, whether you're currently a freelancer, or thinking of hawking your skills in some capacity in the near future!



Ever since I brought my outside table inside, I'm really loving it in our little kitchen space. I keep seeing pictures of table runners though, and I think that's what it needs. Time to get sewing! Here are some inspirations...

Photo from Domino

Runner by Lotta Jansdotter, photo from Design Public


rain, rain

Love this print...from Portland-based Creative Force.


three potato four

The tagline is "A mom and pop shop with an inspiring and curated collection of unique vintage and modern treasures for your home."
And that pretty much seems to cover it...lots of really fun vintage stuff, a lot in the realm of the "industrial" look, but all kinds of different things! My only complaint is that a lot of the stuff I liked was sold already. 
Definitely check them out..good shop, inspiring little bio, and interesting shop blog. Enjoy! 


a little peek at my new floors!!

Thought you all might want a little look at last weekend's BIG project (thanks Kristi and Pete!!). It was more work than I thought, but sooo worth it! I still need an area rug, but this was a start...
Floors from ikea (Tundra in Dark Brown)

A good view of the floor itself...

New light fixture and curtains from ikea too...afternoon sun makes it a little tough though!


analog weather

I LOVE this...analog weather report, by Steffi Gloor and Kurtli Riedi. Beautiful images, really fun concept...today's and tomorrow's actual weather report for about 32 cities worldwide. Check it out here, and be sure to look at all the weather pictures, you'll love them:)

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