happy thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving. See you soon!


they're here!

Finally! The rightleft studio holiday cards are in stock and for sale over on etsy. Check them out, and happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


sneak peek!

Coming soon...holiday cards by rightleft studio! These will be on the etsy shop this week, in plenty of time for you to get them mailed out. More designs to come!

keepin it in the family

Well, it appears I'm not the only crafty one in the family (but I really did know that already). My brother Shea has just opened his own etsy shop, MulciberLite. He is a crochet master, and right now has some really awesome handmade hats for sale. Check him out!

i heart heath

As a big fan of simple beauty, Heath ceramics really speak to me. A modern icon, first designed by Edith Heath in the 1940's, this beautiful tableware would fit in nearly any decor. It comes in a huge variety of beautiful colors, and the company is operated with admirable social and environmental standards. I guess if you can stay in business for this long without changing your values, designs, and way of business, you're doing something right. I'd rather have a collection of this than fine china any day:)
All photos are showcasing the Coupe line, originally designed in 1948.
Visit heathceramics.com for more info and beautiful photos. All images here from their website.

new obsession

Four Seasons cup set

I have found a new obsession: paper n stitch.com. It's sort of like etsy, but sellers are selected to be a part of this site, you you really only get the best of the best. Today I wanted to showcase seller bailey doesn't bark, where "drawings are combined with items that are useful to you in your daily life." I love love love these pieces.

Black Bird on a Branch cup and saucer

Tea Bag and Spoon cup and saucer


thanksgiving, martha style

Although I am not hosting a Thanksgiving meal this year, I always love the idea of decorating a table. Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday, because it really is all about nature, and the season. In the spirit of this, here are a few ideas from Martha Stewart for different table decor for turkey day.

I think it would also be cute to write a name actually on the pear, or a gourd, with a metallic pen.

These leaf patterns would be really easy to do your self, on a runner, or linen napkins or anything!


cozy goodness

On a chilly morning like this, you just want to snuggle up with something soft. These pieces remind me of a beautiful home made sweater for a room. Great texture and such soft inviting colors! Rug from West Elm, and pouf from Flocks, as featured on Apartment Therapy.



With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, I thought this would be a fun thing to showcase. This dinnerware is really unique, and would be fun to mix and match with other pieces for an eclectic Thanksgiving table.

a little fall snack

I decided this weekend that I wanted to do something "fall-like", so I thought I would toast some pumpkin seeds. I don't think I've ever done this before, but I remember liking them when I was a kid. I used a sweet/spicy flavoring that I mixed up thanks to readymade magazine:
2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground ginger
pinch of salt
Just fry in the skillet with a little olive oil until they start to pop, then I put them in a covered container, added the spice mixture and shook it up to coat- and you've got a good healthy (mostly!) little snack.
photo from readymade-doesn't it make you want a nice frosty pint of beer??


chalkboard paint

Big fan of  chalkboard paint...and Bertoia chairs. Again with the gray thing! Cool space, love the vintage-looking window. It would be cool to buy one of those, and fill the panes with antiqued (I think that's what it's called) mirrors, if you didn't have awesome windows like this in your own home.
Photos of Melissa McClure's loft in LA-thanks Design*Sponge!

a little bicycle love

Image ©Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Yesterday I found a really fun new blog, called Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Apparently Denmark is the cycling capital of the world, but not road bike style. It's all people going to work, going out, wearing totally fashionable heels and boots and overcoats riding really killer old-school cruiser bikes. They have a whole system of bike lanes in place and everything! So jealous...
Anyway, some fun photos on there. And they have a store, where they sell products for The Slow Bicycle Movement, whose motto is "style over speed". Love love love this tote bag. 
Well it's rainy today, or else I'd be in the mood to pedal to work. It doesn't look like that stops Copenhageners, though, but I guess I'm not that hard core. Plus, I would probably die if I tried to bike down the side of the road here holding an umbrella like they do...


diy idea-inexpensive winter decor

So, it's no secret that I'm a tad obsessed with the holidays. Come late September, when the nights start getting chilly, I start getting so excited for the coming season...there's just so much to love about it! Peppermint mochas, decorating, more excuses to hang out with friends and family, great food, wrapping gifts, A Christmas Story... 
There is a rule in my house that I can't start decorating for Christmas until December 1st, but I am allowed to decorate for winter before that. So I'm always finding ideas for "wintery" decor. I've always loved this idea, plus it's basically free. Silver spray paint and pinecones-love them in a tall clear cylindrical vase as well, or you could attach a loop of ribbon to make ornaments when you finally get your tree. Enjoy!
More of that West Elm accessory styling that I love...

winter room

I love the feel of this room from West Elm. They've always had really cool prop styling, with a lot of textures. Plus, gray walls are really  doing it for me lately!
Image here


vacation all i ever wanted...

 I will be away this week taking a much-needed vacation. Happy November, and happy election week!!
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